We put at the disposal of the CLIENT two modalities to make the payment of your order through the web:

TRANSFER OR ENTRY INTO ACCOUNT: The buyer will make a transfer or deposit in our bank account for the total amount of the purchase made. You must indicate as a concept the name of the client, to be able to be the same as in the order.

Please note that the firm order will not be processed until our administration department verifies the entry of the total amount of the order, in the indicated bank account. The buyer must bear in mind that the payment by transfer can take up to 48 hours (if it is purchased from abroad it can take up to 72 hours), with the consequent delay in the process of your order.

Bank data

Bankia - Account Number: ES00 0000 0000 00 0000000000

Concept: Customer name and / or order / budget number (must match the name of the order / budget).

Send a copy of the payment receipt to: indicating the reference or name of the order.

For purchases abroad:

IBAN ES00 0000 0000 00 0000000000

CREDIT / DEBIT CARD: It offers the possibility of paying the full cost of the order by means of a bank card, either debit or credit. In addition, payment with Visa and MasterCard is accepted. The Virtual Bankia TPV is an online payment gateway of Bankia through the website itself.

 Security and Confidentiality: It is a system of secure payments, guaranteed operations of Secure Electronic Commerce (CES) with which the owner will be asked for an authentication key or password, 100% reliable. We guarantee that each of the transactions carried out in, are protected, so they are 100% secure. The Virtual Bankia TPV will not allow SSL or CES transactions if the issuing bank does not identify the owner.

The Virtual Bankia TPV is a device prepared to work in full mode

secure within the sales operation through the Internet. For it:

• The POS will try to contact the issuing bank of the card to request the authentication of the cardholder (verification of his identity). In this way, it can be guaranteed that only the genuine owner, owner of the card, will be able to operate with it.

• It implements SSL in all communications that prevent the interception of information by third parties. Therefore, confidentiality is ensured in all communications established during the transaction.

• It also enables mechanisms to verify the authenticity of the origin of transactions. This prevents the manipulation of data by third parties and guarantees the integrity of the transaction.

• All transactions carried out through the Virtual Bankia TPV will have all the guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity for the participating agents: cardholders and their issuing entities, and businesses and their acquiring entities.

• The Virtual Bankia TPV will be updated with the latest versions of secure payment dictated by the international regulatory bodies, thus ensuring that the business does not have to undertake such adaptations on its part.

Important notes

We do not process and confirm the orders, until our administration department verifies the entry of the total amount of the order in our bank account.
Artegres is not responsible for the delay in receiving the payment by transfer or deposit and the consequent delay in the order process.
If we do not receive the payment within 15 days, the order is canceled.
At the end of your purchase and choose the payment method, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the order placed.
Customers must review all data and products before confirming the order, with the customer being responsible for the order being correct. They will always be processed as firm purchase requests.
Artegres is not responsible for the problems that customers have with their banking entities.

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